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Chocolate Massage

60 minutes – £75

A massage… With chocolate!

Endorphin releasing, firming, toning, detoxifying and moisturising. The aroma is divine as you’re cocooned in chocolate.

The hands of a highly trained ELEMIS therapist are profoundly effective anti-ageing tools. Using a combination of massage techniques from around the world, this is where intuition meets expertise with clinically proven results.

Golfer’s Tonic

60 minutes – £60

Not just for golfers!

Lime & Ginger Salt Scrub rubbed into the back encourages the regeneration of new cells, followed by a massage of the back and backs of legs. Soothing gel is then applied leaving you energised & ready to improve your
golf swing.

Couture Touch

60mins – £70
120mins – £110

This all embracing experience is ideal for those looking for the ultimate in relaxation. Relax with a hands on massage using nourishing aromatic oils, followed by a deep cleansing facial to leave you rejuvenated & refreshed.

Thai Poultice Powered Muscle Release

60 mins – £70

The combination of heated Thai compresses and massage provide a powerful detoxifying treatment that will purify and release any negativity and tension and provide ultimate relaxation.

Bamboo Massage

60 mins – £65

The silky canes of natural Bamboo are ideal for anyone who leads an active lifestlye and requires deep work to soften and break down muscular tension.

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