The Piperdam Fairy Trail

Did you know that Piperdam is so friendly, so green and so magical that it was inevitable that we would be a haven for fairies and pixies.

With a whole host of cute fairy house images dotted throughout the resort, we invite you and your wee ones to experience the most fun treasure hunt this side of Pixieland!

Allow yourself to drift into this exciting world keeping a close eye out for the little ones that buzz around your ears and of course, remembering to take a handkerchief for that fairy dust!  

Start your journey by purchasing our Fairy Trail activity book for just £2.50 which contains all the riddles required to discover the houses and lots of fun puzzles throughout. Remember, fairy houses are all different in design so it won’t be easy finding them all ! 😉 Then once you have finished, head through to our reception or Activity Barn to pick up your exclusive Fairy Trail certificate!

All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of fairy dust! xx

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