We Love Local

At Piperdam, we understand that supporting local brands is an important role to play for the business and the products on offer to our guests.

Because of this we have numerous partnerships with local suppliers of food and drink that present our guests with a true taste of the area (literally) and as such we are proud to provide the fantastic quality on offer.

Local Suppliers We Use

Lost Orchards Brewery

Since the 12th century, orchards scattered with juicy apples, were a popular sight in Scotland. Globalisation and lower transport costs lead to cheaper imports from overseas and the orchards were lost. Lost Orchards Brewery are looking to reverse this process, one sip at a time and restore a traditional part of their much-loved heritage and countryside.

Their mission is to bring Scotland’s orchards back, one sip of cider at a time.

So how do they plant the trees?

That is a very good question! They started with one grower, Andrew in 2012 and since then they’ve increased our number of growers to 4. They have already planted a few thousand trees and aim to expand their group and the numbers of orchards they plant.

The Abernyte Brewery

The Abernyte Brewery create high quality lagers and ales from their brewery in the hills overlooking the Carse of Gowrie, Perthshire. They offer delicious small batched beers of 500 to 600 litres, chill conditioned, unfiltered, unpasteurised and naturally carbonated.

The conversion of malt starches to fermentable sugars during the beer making process is complex. They increase the temperature of the mash through a series of rests, in a way that allows us to modify the way the finished beer tastes and feels on the palate.

They only use time to clarify and condition our beer. It is unfiltered and vegan friendly.

James Keiller Dundee Gin

The name Keiller is synonymous with The City of Dundee and the production of one of its finest exports, marmalade. Now part of Dundee’s history the story goes at some point in the 1760’s a Spanish ship transporting goods floundered and had to dock at Dundee’s thriving port. At the time, the port of Dundee was amongst the busiest in Great Britain with goods being exported all around the world.

Created and distilled for James Keiller Estates by the award winning distiller and founder of Verdant Spirit Co., Andrew Mackenzie. The James Keiller Estates’ Dundee Dry Gin was inspired by the original marmalade made by the Keiller family in the late 18th century. The gin infuses a London Dry Gin with the citrus from Seville Oranges and other botanicals.

Yorkes of Dundee

Yorke’s of Dundee are a very prominent butcher brand across the local area with two retail shops at Strathmartine Road and Fintry Road Dundee, both serving hot and cold food delis.

They are a key supplier of pies to many football and ruby grounds up and down the Uk as well as supplier of locally sourced Scottish produce to Piperdam, offering excellent quality and range.