Our Green Policy

As one of Piperdam’s most renowned highlights, our nature is one of the reasons customers return to us time and time again.

With stunning Angus landscape surroundings, woodland areas housing our accommodation, birds and animals living within the grounds, and our stunning Piperdam Loch, it is incredibly important that we respect our surrounding environment.

We are delighted to announce the securing of the prestigious David Bellamy Gold Award, handed to us for our ongoing commitment to:

  • Managing our land as a haven for wildlife
  • Reducing our use of energy, water and other resources
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling the waste we produce
  • Supporting our local communities
  • Coupled with this award includes the Woodlands Badge, Wildflower Habitat Badge & Hedge Badge as well as gaining the title of Honey Bee Friendly status for our support of Britain’s bees.
This is why we continue to implement and shape our business to provide first class Eco and Sustainability practices throughout the park.

As one of Piperdam’s most renowned highlights, our nature is one of the reasons customers return to us time and time again.


Biomass is famed for its green credentials and offers a carbon free, renewable alternative to fossil fuels. Energy is created by burning matter such as plants which hold stored energy from the sun during photosynthesis. When this matter is burnt, the chemical energy in biomass is released as heat – this heat is used to create steam which generates electricity for the park. During the combustion process, only C02 which has been absorbed by the matter being burnt is released back into the atmosphere, therefore making it a carbon free process.

We currently have 3 Biomass Energy Centres onsite spread across the park.

Our main building on the resort, consisting of reception, restaurant, bar, leisure facilities, functions rooms and swimming pool are all provided with both heating and power via our Biomass fuelled CHP Plant.

The second biomass plant onsite supplies heat and hot water to our 6 Lochside Lodges and Activity Barn.

The third biomass plant is located within our woodland lodge area this provides heat and hot water to over 50% of our lodges there are 94 lodges located within this area, these range from 2 person to 12 person accommodation, a majority with ensuites as well as hot tubs.

It is our hope in the future to have 100% of our accommodation onsite fuelled via biomass.

Some of the benefits we gain from using a renewable energy source such as biomass is a improvement on our carbon footprint, the wood chip these are fuelled with is produced within a 5 minute drive from the site itself and the wood is locally sourced. As well as a fraction of the carbon emissions being produced to create the biomass fuel.


We have worked together with Binn Skips, one of Scotland’s leading and most progressive recycling and waste management organisations, for a number of years. We currently have 7 recycling points on park purely for the lodge accommodation as well as a number of additional sites down at the main building and Activity Barn. The main recyclable groups we encourage park wide are Mixed Recycling, General Waste, Mixed Glass and Food Waste.

It became a legal requirement back in 2016 for all businesses in Scotland that generate more than 5kg of waste food that this must be disposed of and collected separately.

One of the ways Binn Skips allows us to be environmental friendly is to ensure that almost all of our food waste is processed through their onsite anaerobic digestion facility. This process produces biogas which is used to produce heat or electricity contributing towards Scotland’s renewable energy targets.


To go one step further, Piperdam also has close relations with Olleco who provide processing plants that convert our food oil waste in BioDiesel.

Their purpose built biodiesel plant is the UK’s largest processing site solely dedicated to producing biodiesel from used cooking oil. It features cutting edge technology enabling them to produce EN14214 EU specification biodiesel that is ISCC certified.

In addition to producing biodiesel which can be used as fuel for both diesel cars and generators they also produce bioliquid fuels which can be used to run CHP units. Working with their technology partners they can supply generators which have been modified to run on the fuel they supply.

If you have any further questions or want to be involved with Piperdam regarding our eco-friendly policy, please contact us.