Oncology Treatments

Carried out by our specially trained therapists.

Each treatment starts with a consultation, to fully understand your current circumstances. Depending on your diagnosis, treatment and current state of health, your treatment will be adapted for your comfort and safely tailored to your needs.

Nurturing Massage
25 minutes – £45 – 50 minutes -£65

Gentle massage using various levels of touch and pressure, to soothe, relax and release endorphins to reduce pain.

Soothing Glow Facial
50 minutes – £65

A deeply relaxing facial, leaving your skin nourished, hydrated, and radiant. Tailored to suit your skin requirements. Includes a hand and arm massage.

Ultimate Rejuvenation
50 minutes – £65

Aromatic Back Neck and Shoulders Massage

Rebalancing Hand and Foot Spa Ritual
50minutes – £60

This revitalising and wonderfully relaxing ritual, includes a Foot Soak, Sugar Scrub Exfoliation, Moisturising Mask,
Heated Mitts & Booties, a Massage with Luxurious Cream and finished with a Calming Spray.
~ Rituals do not include Nail and Cuticle work or Polish.

Manicure and Pedicure
Luxury Manicure 75 minutes – £40
Luxury Pedicure 75 minutes – £45

During Cancer treatments, you can experience a lot of nail changes from dryness to brittleness.
Our knowledgeable therapists will tend to any skin and nail issues and give you expert advice going forward.
Unfortunately Colour Shellac or Polish cannot be applied during Cancer treatment. A clear polish can be applied to the nails.

40 minutes – £50

Reiki is a non-invasive comforting experience that uses healing energy, working from the inside out with no pressure or tissue manipulation.
Helping relieve insomnia, tension, anxiety and fear. Reiki initiates wellness & leaves a deep feeling of relaxation and peace.