Spa Experiences

Chocolate Full Body Massage Cocoon
60 minutes – £90
Chocolate Back Massage
30 minutes – £55

A massage… With chocolate!

Completely indulge in our 60 minute warm chocolate massage all over the body & be cocooned in the chocolate. An invigorating shower follows & then warm skin nourishing milk bath is applied to the skin leaving you relaxed and moisturised.

Golfer’s Tonic
60 minutes – £65

Not just for golfers!

Lime & Ginger Salt Scrub rubbed into the back encourages the regeneration of new cells, followed by a massage of the back and backs of legs. Soothing gel is then applied leaving you energised & ready to improve your golf swing.

Couture Touch
60 minutes – £75

This all embracing experience is ideal for those looking for the ultimate in relaxation. Relax with a hands on massage using nourishing aromatic oils, followed by a deep cleansing facial to leave you rejuvenated & refreshed.

Power Hour Massage
60mins – £75

One of Admire’s most popular 60 minute treatments consisting of 20mins back, neck & shoulder massage, 20mins mini-facial & 20mins scalp massage.

Aromatic Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulders
30 minutes – £45
Full Body
60 minutes – £65

Let our exquisitely blended oils meet your specific needs as you enjoy hands on massage. Choose from De-Stress, Musclease, Japanese Camelia, Cellutox, or Frangipani

Bamboo Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulders
30 minutes – £50
Full Body
60 minutes – £70

The silky canes of natural Bamboo are ideal for anyone who leads an active lifestyle and requires deep work to soften and break down muscular tension.

50 mins & 10 mins rest – £55

The application of pressure to specific points on the feet to promote deep relaxation & well-being

Hot Stone Massage
30 minutes – £55
60 minutes – £70

Hot stones are coated in nourishing oils and are applied gently to your body. Each stone is then in turn worked into your body by your therapist’s hands. A deeply relaxing treatment that balances mind, body and soul and recharges your energy levels.

Peaceful Pregnancy
60 minutes & 10 minutes rest – £75

A gentle, nurturing, specially formulated massage for mothers-to-be that deeply relaxes, comforts and moisturises.

Invigorating Lime & Ginger Salt Scrub
60 minutes – £65

Elemis has created this luxurious exfoliator by suspending Lime, Ginger and Salt in a unique blend of Bergamot, Coconut and Sweet Almond Oils. This exquisite product stimulates, tones and leaves the skin exceptionally soft. Once the skin is thoroughly scrubbed, relax while warm nourishing milk bath is massaged into your body to leave your skin moisturised and in tip top condition.

Indian Head Massage
40 minutes – £45

Champissage, also known as Indian Head Massage, is an alternative medicine massage. It is an integral part of the Ayurvedic healing system that originated in India, millennia ago, and has passed down the generations. The head, face, neck and shoulders are massaged. It aims to rebalance your body’s energies.